The AIIC works towards the recognition of the alumni of NIT Trichy worldwide and also actively engage with them and seek their support for various development activities of the institute in terms of their three Ts – Time, Talent and Treasure. The broad portfolio of the AIIC consists of the following:

  1. To connect with Alumni and International experts
  2. To extend services and support to alumni who visit the campus
  3. To invite alumni to the institute to interact with faculty members and students
  4. To make arrangements for Alumni Silver and other reunions
  5. To create and maintain a Hall of Fame
  6. To Co-ordinate DAA and YAA processes and arrange for the Alumni Day celebrations
  7. To interact with alumni in industry, research organizations and reputed universities to formalize the possible collaborations in research and development activities
  8. To coordinate the development of facilities and infrastructure with alumni participation
  9. Interaction with Alumni for Prizes, Scholarships, Travel grants and Loan to Students
  10. Starting Alumni chapters in metropolitan centres in India and at international locations

The official website of the AIIC (alumni.nitt.edu) is set for its launch on 28th July 2018. By constantly interacting with the alumni, AIIC is in the process of updating its alumni database. Also this AIIC would act as a point of contact for the alumni who are willing to interact with their alma mater.

Dear Alumni,

Hearty greetings from your beloved alma mater.

The day you graduated and walked in to the big world beyond these campus walls, you were also carrying the fortunes of our Institute.  Every time you made your bosses, your peers, your organizations sit up and take notice, you were, incrementally and splendidly, adding to the brand called NIT, Tiruchirappalli. 

Today, when we turn on the radio or the television, open our morning newspapers or surf the Internet for any success story in some corner of the world, we happily expect one of our proud alumni to be the author of that story.  It is wonderful to see NIT, Tiruchirappalli through you; we bask in the warmth of your glory that keeps us together as one community of simple men and women who pursue serious purposes.

Ours is a bond of a lifetime. The campus may have let you go, but we expect you to come back – though some of you do come back every year to receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award (DAA) and the Young Achiever Award (YAA) – to inspire our boys and girls, to raise the bar, to expand our idea of the possible.  To realize these objectives, the Institute has initiated an Alumni Institute Interaction Cell (AIIC), the primary communication link between you and the Institute. This entity comes under the newly created Dean position for Alumni Relations, to facilitate possible collaborations in research and development activities in industry, research organizations and reputed universities.

We recognize, acknowledge, and embrace our alumni as vital stakeholders in the developments of the Institute and to take it to even greater heights. Let us, by staying connected participate in and support the programs, services, and numerous campus activities and events.  We also encourage each alumnus friend to be a brand ambassador in his/her domain, by assisting with the recruitment of students and by supporting programs by investing your time, talent, and treasure.

Stay connected…. Take part …… Join hands with NITT….. Let’s create a better tomorrow……

 – Director (NIT Trichy)

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