RECAL AGM Report                         NITT Kerala Relief Fund 2018, September 9, 2018                          NITT SportsFETE Marathon 2018, September 6, 2018                          NITT Startup Weekend Trichy 2018, September 3, 2018                         Blood Donation Camp jointly organised by NSS, NCC, Institute hospital and the Student’s Council                          Festember 18 - Social Initiative event on “CHANNELED CLARITY TOWARDS CHARITY”                          Bay Area Alumni Meet Report                          East Coast Alumni Meet Report                          Newsletter - commuNITTy (July 2018)

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Thanks to 1974 batch for expressing interest on mentoring.



  • Nostalgic REC/NIT Trichy Campus visit
  • Unforgettable Department blocks & Class rooms visits
  • Down the Memory Lane Hostel visits
  • Bygone tastes & chats in Canteen and Mess
  • Meeting with your favorite faculty members
  • Coffee with Deans and Director
  • Customized mementos
  • Opportunities to socialize with classmates
  • Opportunities to see what’s changed
  • photo ops and video
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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

 – Anne Frank

✍ From Director's Desk

Dear Alumni,
Hearty greetings from your beloved alma mater.
The day you graduated and walked in to the big world beyond these campus walls, you were also carrying the fortunes of our Institute. Every time you made your bosses, your peers, your organizations sit up and take notice, you were, incrementally and splendidly, adding to the brand called NIT, Tiruchirappalli.
Today, when we turn on the radio or the television, open our morning newspapers or surf the Internet for any success story in some corner of the world, we happily expect one of our proud alumni to be the author of that story. It is wonderful to see NIT, Tiruchirappalli through you; we bask in the warmth of your glory that keeps us together as one community of simple men and women who pursue serious purposes. show more

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Lecture on Chemical Engineering by 1974 batch Alumni (Date will be published shortly)





Mr.  S.K. Ramesh  – 1981 Batch, B.E. ECE

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  DAA/YAA AWARDS 2018  ✯

Nomination call for DAA YAA 2018

[Last Date: Jun 18, 2018]

Nomination call for DAA YAA 2018

[Last Date: Jun 18, 2018]


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